The magic solution to get rid of acne


Acne is a constant daily nuisance so that the cure for acne is done slowly. As soon as she began to disappear, another appeared, she was waiting. This continuous and endless battle is repeated over and over in a tired and hopeless manner. And recently, scientists at the University of California, for a new potential treatment against the problem of acne, and the magic solution is the harmless viruses that live in the pores of the skin!

These viruses work to kill the acne-causing Propionibacterium bacteria and scientists believe that if they can boost the power of these viruses, they can come up with a definitive acne treatment.

Under normal circumstances, these types of viruses live in the pores of the skin, along with hair follicles and sebaceous glands that produce sebum to protect the skin and hair from drying out.

In response to these bacteria, the immune system decides to stand against them and attacks them and leads to infections in the form of blisters.

With this virus, we can control the bacteria that cause acne, said Laura Marinelli, a researcher in dermatology at the University of California.

The success of this study will lead to the manufacture of creams or topical treatment for acne, but the appropriate treatment needs focus because bacteria have several healthy functions, such as maintaining the skin and preventing infection from other microbes, as Marinelli emphasized: When treating acne, attention must be paid not to eliminate on these viruses completely.

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