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Olive oil and Vaseline to treat split nails

Nails get brittle due to poor nutrition and the frequent use of harsh soapy liquids, in addition to

Excessive exposure to water and some bad habits such as biting nails or hammering them on hard surfaces.

These are some of the natural recipes that will help you get strong beautiful nails.




1- Warm 1/4 cup of olive oil in the microwave and immerse your nails in it for 15-30


Repeat this regularly until the appearance of your nails improves.

2- Try massaging your nails with your hands with a little Vaseline, then put on a cotton sock and sleep in it.

You will notice a wonderful texture of your nails and hands in the morning.

3- After washing your hands, apply a moisturizing cream

It contains alpha hydroxy to reduce the effect of water on it and strengthen it again.



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