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Wrinkle Remover Apple Mask  

Wrinkle Remover Apple Mask






Half Green Apple


1 dessertspoon of milk cream


1 Tablespoon of Water


Preparation and application:


Wash the apple and grate it with the peel.


Put the cream and water in a small coffee pot. Bring to a boil by burning the bottom of the stove.


When the ingredients in the coffee pot boil, immediately add the grated apple to the coffee pot. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Continue boiling for 2 minutes. At the end of the time, turn off the stove.


Wait for the mixture we prepared to cool before applying the mask.


Apply the mixture to the wrinkled areas of your skin by massaging it with your fingertips.


Wait up to 60 minutes.


Wash your skin with plenty of cold water.


Dry your skin with a towel.




Apply this mask once a week, which relieves wrinkles on the face, neck and hand areas of your skin. You will start to see the benefits of the mask after at least 8 weeks of regular use. Your skin will go back at least 3 years. At the end of a period of 6 months, you can achieve a 5-6 years younger look.


After applying the mask to your skin, be careful not to move the area you are applying too much. (Especially not to play your facial expressions)


Cream and apple have many benefits on the skin. Especially cream has regenerative properties on the skin. With this mask, you can make your skin look smooth. Thanks to this mask, your skin will become tense over time and you will challenge years.

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