Wonderful lemon lotion to lighten the color of the sensitive area

The intimate area is one of the areas that are most exposed to tanning, which causes a feeling of distress in addition to an unattractive appearance.

The use of lightening creams may lead to skin irritation and inflammation due to the sensitivity of the skin in this area, so it is preferable to use natural mixtures to lighten the sensitive area without side effects.

It is considered juice Lemon is one of the best natural materials that can be used in making some natural and effective mixtures to lighten the sensitive area, because it works as a natural bleach and contains vitamin C, which is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that preserve and protect the skin. And the carebeautyco.com Magazine is interested in your beauty, so we have come to you with lemon lotion. Try the method with us and tell us your opinion.

the components:

1- Half a cup of glycerin soap or grated baby soap.

2- One tablespoon of lemon juice.




3- Drops of lemon oil.

4- Two cups of water.

5- The content of two capsules of vitamin E (optional).


1- In a stainless steel pot, add the soap to the water and put it on a low heat until it is completely dissolved.

2- Leave the mixture to cool, then add lemon juice, lemon oil and vitamin E to the soap and keep it in a bottle in the refrigerator until use.

Important Notes :

1- The lotion is for external use only.

2- Repeat the mask 4 times a week to get effective results.

3- Do not use the mask on the sensitive area after hair removal until 48 hours have passed, so that no inflammation occurs.

4- Do not forget to use lemon lotion, wear cotton clothes, and always dry the intimate area.