Causes and treatment of dark circles under the eye

You are bothered by the question of everyone around you, Are you sick?


Causes of dark circles:


1- Mental and nervous stress.


2- Anemia: for a woman to lose a quantity of her blood every month during her menstrual cycle, and during her pregnancy and childbirth she loses other amounts; Therefore, they are more susceptible to anemia, if you do not pay attention to compensating for the loss of the iron element through foods rich in it, such as: fresh vegetables, spinach, meat, liver, black honey, nuts, or by using iron medicines and vitamins.


3- Decrease in the daily rate of sleep or disruption of sleep schedules. In this case, we recommend regulating sleep schedules, and reducing the needless constant vigil.


4- Too much exposure to chemicals such as cosmetics.





To treat dark circles:


Put two slices of kiwi on your eyes for at least half an hour, as kiwi contains a group of vitamins and antioxidants that protect skin cells from damage, it also increases collagen production in the skin, and helps the body absorb iron from food.