Signs of your age, learn how to hide them

Most women believe that wrinkles are the only evidence of their advanced age, but this belief is incorrect, as there are other signs that appear on women and reveal their true age, starting with the skin and the changes that occur to it, passing through hair and teeth and many other things. Therefore, we offer you today a group of treatments Aesthetics that can hide the signs of aging and make you look young and radiant with beauty:


Neck and chest:


Women usually care about the skin of the face, and nourish and moisturize it daily, but they neglect the neck and chest area, but you should know, madam, that anyone can guess your real age by looking at your neck and chest, as the skin in this area often appears wrinkled and spots appear on it.


so, what is the solution?


The solution is to take care of these areas just like taking care of the skin of the face, nourishing it with appropriate creams in the morning and evening, and using sunscreen cream while going out. Botox neck area to give satisfactory and beautiful results.









With age, the hand appears flabby, and the veins appear clearly, and spots can appear on the hands due to exposure to sunlight, the use of soaps, and chemicals.


The solution is to make sure to wear gloves while doing the cleaning work, and the use of sunscreen cream on the hands, and exfoliating the skin can improve the appearance of the hands and skin, and they must be moisturized and applied with a nourishing and moisturizing cream. Also, performing laser treatment to improve the general appearance of the hands will restore beauty and youth to them.




the hair:


Hair loses its luster and volume with age, and becomes dull and weak.


So what is the solution?


You can improve the appearance of hair and restore its luster by using products rich in proteins and antioxidants, and natural nourishing masks. And if you are one of those who dye their hair constantly, it is better to dye the hair from the roots only to avoid exposing your hair to repeated dyeing, and choosing bright colors will give you a younger look, in addition to that cutting hair gives your hair beauty and makes you look younger.




the teeth:


Eating food and drinks can leave its effects on the teeth, especially if you are a smoker, and receding gums make you look old, but do not worry, you can treat the matter by using household oxidants for bleaching, and visiting the dentist will have wonderful and satisfactory results. With the advancement of science and medicine, this has become not a complicated problem.