Why shouldn’t you put a cup of water next to you while you sleep?!


There are many people who used to put a glass of water next to the bed during their sleep, and regardless of the importance of drinking water in sufficient quantities, the habit of placing it next to the bed may have health damage.


And the American magazine “Reader’s Digest” has published that a new scientific study reported the danger of placing an uncovered cup of water next to the sleeper, which may be a source of infection for the digestive system, as the surface of the water in this way is considered a suitable environment for the accumulation of invisible dust or the passage of insects that leave harmful bodies on the surface of the water.


The study also added that there is a problem with placing a closed water bottle also next to the sleeper, as our skin during sleep is covered with sweat, dust, and sometimes traces of runny nose, and once the bottle is placed on our mouths, it causes water pollution.


Experts advise to avoid this problem by putting water in a well-closed container and refilling it every time so as not to accumulate harmful substances in it. They also pointed out the danger of exchanging personal water bottles with others, as saliva is one of the means of transmitting infection in a large number of diseases.

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