Cucumber and mint leaves are natural skin nourishing recipes

Since we are in the summer, the body loses most of the fluids and substances food in this season, as a natural result of the heat and the release of sweat at the same time, which leads to

The skin loses its vitality, Aya Lotfy, a beauty and skin care expert

Natural recipes for masks that restore the skin’s luster. It starts with a mixture of cucumber to treat acne and blackheads.


Ingredients: cucumber juice + 1 tablespoon of “skim milk or natural cream” + rose water + egg white.


Method: Mix all the ingredients together, then apply it to your skin once a day.


A mixture for large pores, ingredients: 6 mint leaves + a cup of apple cider vinegar.


Method: Take mint leaves and then soak them in apple cider vinegar for a day




Complete, then filter the vinegar well from the mint and dilute it with water, then wash your face

By liquid, this mixture is used morning and evening on a daily basis.


Aya concludes her recipes with a recipe to soften the skin and remove acne.





Ingredients: Squeezed and boiled lettuce + rose oil.


Method: Take the boiled lettuce juice and put it on the face, until it dries, then apply it

Wipe the face with a cotton ball soaked in rose oil, and this continues until the effects are gone

This recipe is on a weekly basis.

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