How to Use Bath Salt

What does bath salt do , how is it used? Be sure to read our article for what you do not know about bath salt!


Did you know that the way to get a clear and bright skin, to feel fit and healthy by getting rid of the tiredness of the whole day, and to throw away negative energy and stress, is through salt? How to prepare and use bath salt, what does it do?


What is bath salt?


Bath salt is a relaxing salt with minerals that help you get rid of the stress and boredom of the day.


How to make bath salt?


1 cup of sea salt


any essence you like


dry plant


Pour sea salt into a bowl and add your favorite essential oil. Add a handful of dried herbs such as lavender, chamomile or mint to the mix, if desired. Pour your bath salt on a baking paper-lined tray and leave it for 1-2 hours until it dries.


Then put it in a glass bottle for decorative purposes.


How to use bath salt?


If you have a tub, add a handful of bath salt after filling the tub with water and enjoy the water for 15-20 minutes after the salts dissolve.


If you don’t have a tub, add bath salt to the final rinse and get out of the shower that way.


Exfoliate by gently rubbing your moistened areas such as elbows, kneecaps and feet; You will see that these fast-hardening areas are soft and white.


Bath salt is also very effective in getting rid of your stress when you come back from work tired in the evening. Fill a basin with warm water and add your bath salt. Soak your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes.


What does bath salt do?


The effect of salt has been known since ancient times and is used in baths to remove negative energy. Bath salts, which are now colored and made decorative, are actually nothing but sea salt as we know it. So what’s the use?


It not only allows you to relieve stress, but also allows your skin to breathe and refresh by opening the pores.


It helps your skin to have a baby-like softness.


It is also very effective against various skin diseases.


With regular use, it gives vitality to the body.


It accelerates blood circulation.


It is very effective in sweat odor and foot odor .


The minerals found in sea salt are very beneficial for the skin.


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We have told you everything you wonder about what bath salt is for, how to use it. We wish you healthy and fit days…





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