Those moments you spend in the shower do not realize how important it is to get creative ideas, because the bathroom creates an ideal environment for creativity and bringing out the genius inside you in addition to achieving personal hygiene.

Why do the best ideas come to you in the shower? 2

A study proves that 72% of people get the best ideas in the shower:

Why do your best ideas come to you in the shower? A team of psychologists has put together an explanation for why the team included Ron Friedman, Daniel Pink, Gretchen Rubin, Adam Grant, Susan Keane, Scott Barry Kaufman. Kaufman says according to a study conducted that found that ideas can form creative ideas while taking a shower, and the study highlighted the importance of relaxation in order to have the best ideas. He adds that a secluded bathing environment provides relaxation and stimulates creative thinking by allowing the mind to roam freely, causing people to be more open, more conscious and daydream.

The results also showed that 62 elderly people were more productive for ideal ideas, and this led to an increase in work productivity.

He says, “Bathing research was conducted, and a multinational study found that people reported creative inspiration in the shower more than when they were at work, and that they preferred to get the best ideas while showering.

Kaufman goes on to explain that people prefer solitude to perform a variety of mental practices because you allow yourself to connect with the body, your own feelings and thoughts, and believes that the basis of creative thinking is to achieve successful communication between the inside and the outside.

Brigid Schulte notes that people need to relax in order to be inspired. You may want to be the best by working hard, but what if you try the work slacking strategy is very important to allow your mind to freely roam, identify many ideas and enjoy better ideas and this may be the reason for getting the best ideas in the shower.

Friedman concluded the results of the study by saying, “You need to create this space in your life and it often happens while you are in the shower. It is one of those few moments in which we confront ourselves without being tied to any devices.” So we must look for additional space to find connections between ideas.” .

Friedman recommends the importance of isolating yourself as well as possible, away from external distractions that lead to distraction of your mind. And the mind needs solitude, like going out for a daily walk to recharge the energy of the brain in order to allow yourself to get in touch with your body, your feelings, and your thoughts.

Why do the best ideas come to you while you shower? 

Free the mind from tasks:      

Research indicates that you cannot achieve creative thinking while feeling monotonous, but when you are fishing, exercising, or bathing, such activities do not require you to think much about how to perform them, thus liberating your subconscious and being able to work on something else. The mind at this moment enjoys a calmness in which it can The formation of daydreams and the brain makes certain decisions, goals, behaviors and thoughts through the control center in the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex. These thoughts go to different areas of the head and make many new creative connections that the conscious mind may reject.

This may be the reason behind the different thoughts while taking a shower, which are better than the thoughts you get while working, because thinking while working is full of problems that disrupt the thinking process in the brain. Thinking while taking a shower helps strengthen the frontal cortex of the brain.

When you increase focus, it gives you the ability to focus intensely on the task and come up with many unconventional creative solutions. The mind becomes more active when focusing on the task. Shelley Carson at Harvard University has found that highly creative people take a warm shower that allows the mind to roam free and encourages the disposal of foolish ideas. So when you rinse your body of soap suds, you will be amazed at the ability to think.


But what makes the bathroom different from the boardroom, why doesn’t your mind think well there, too? . And when trying to explain this, it must be clarified that the bathroom has a relaxing, small and safe environment, an enclosed place so you feel comfortable there. In addition, bathing time may be the only time you spend on yourself throughout the day as it is your chance to get rid of external pressures.

When you feel relaxed, the brain releases the happiness hormone dopamine. When dopamine flows in the body, it increases the ability to think in a creative way and alpha waves appear during meditation and a feeling of happiness. Alpha rays stimulate the subconscious with more creative thinking.

According to the Journal of Thinking and Logic, while you shower at night or in the morning, or when you are tired, this stage is the height of creative thinking and it is possible that showering in the morning increases the flow of great ideas. Thus, taking a shower creates an ideal environment for you for ideal ideas.

We give you a range of reasons why you get the best ideas in the shower?

  • Taking a shower gives you a signal to start a new day or a fresh start.
  • You spend time alone thinking.
  •  You get perfect predictions.
  •  When the water rushes while taking a shower, it creates a kind of “white noise” that makes concentration better.
  • Shower limits increase the feeling of relaxation.
  • Sitting near water, such as rivers, lakes, or the sea, is associated with increased meditation.
  • Bathing is a metaphor to get rid of dust.
  • Bathing is one of the rituals for many creative people, considering the bathroom the right place to think.
  • Sometimes you write your thoughts on the bathroom walls because of the steam from the shower.
  • When you take a hot shower, it opens the pores, and it may open the mind as well.
  • Bathing makes you more alert.
  •  Bathing is a stress-free experience, assuring you the freedom to wander your mind and come up with new ideas.

How to enjoy the shower?

1. Paying attention to the cleanliness of the shower equipment:

Before starting to shower, make sure that the tools used are clean, because they are the most important thing in getting rid of dust and dirt. These tools may be susceptible to the presence of bacteria and thus spread germs that clog the pores of the body. It is preferable to take care of the cleanliness of the brush, loofah, sponge, tweezers, blades, etc., among other tools.

2. Determination of the number of showers:

Try to limit the number of bathing times per week and avoid daily bathing except in hot weather only because excessive bathing can lead to stripping the body of the natural oils from the body, which is a layer that protects the skin from drying out. Therefore, you must bear in mind that you do not harm your skin.

3. Determining the temperature:

The water temperature must be adjusted. Warm water is the best option for you, and be careful to avoid hot water because it dries out the skin. Experts mention the need to avoid hot water because it strips the skin of the natural oils that protect the body from bacteria and germs, and they recommend the use of warm or lukewarm water.

4. Ignore the application of sunscreen:

According to the American Academy, sunscreen should be applied every day once when you go out everywhere. It is preferable to apply sunscreen to the body when going out to the beach and to emphasize the application of sunscreen to the face in the summer to resist malignant skin lesions.

5. Choosing the right brush:

When choosing a shower brush, it is preferred that the plastic has multiple bristles. It is preferable to start first by washing the hair to detangle and then go down gradually and brush the body again.

6. Organizing the body correctly:

Take care of loofah used in the shower because it can contain bacteria, mold, yeast and a lot of other annoying things and if you want to use loofah, leave it to dry completely throughout the day.

7. Do not over scrub.

Don’t use the body scrub more than once a week or else it will be very annoying. And when using the scrub, do not try to over-massage the body so as not to dry the skin.

8. Don’t try to dry yourself too hard.

The harsh drying of the body after bathing, causes the skin to dry out and exacerbates the sensitivity of the skin. It is best to replace it with a soft towel when drying yourself after showering.

9. Do not spend too long in the shower.

While it is fun to stay for a long time while taking a shower. Long showers can strip the moisture you need into the skin and this can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy.

Dermatologist Dr. Patricia states that you should not stay more than 10-15 minutes while taking a warm shower.

10. Apply a moisturizer after showering:

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type, especially after using lukewarm water. You can apply moisturizer while in the shower. And if you find your skin is still dry, you can use a chemical moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy acid to get rid of dead skin cells and care and moisturize the skin