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What is the danger of excess fructose in the diet?

Dr. Nuria Dianova, a Russian nutrition expert, warned of the risks to the liver caused by excess fructose in the diet.




The expert notes in an interview with Radio “Sputnik” that it is believed that fructose sugar is less harmful than conventional sugar. But is this true?


And she adds, the person gets fructose from fruits, fruits and some natural foodstuffs. People with diabetes know that this sugar is less harmful to the pancreas than regular sugar.


“It doesn’t process fructose like regular sugar, so it doesn’t stress the pancreas,” she says. “Those who have diabetes know that fructose is a little better than regular sugar.”


But excessive intake of substances containing sugar fructose, may negatively affect the condition of the liver.


“Getting a large amount of fructose increases the burden on the liver, as it accumulates in the form of fatty acids in the tissues of the body,” she says.


And she adds, explaining, how much fruits and vegetables can be eaten, without causing any harm to the body.


“For women, 150-200 grams of fruits or vegetables are enough for one meal, and for men, 200-250 grams,” she says.


According to her, a balanced daily diet should include no more than two servings of fruits and vegetables. But you should beware of some of them. For example, it is not recommended to eat more than 100 grams of grapes because it contains a high percentage of fructose, and the same thing includes dried fruits.


“You should reduce the intake of dried fruits,” she says. “The amount we eat per day should be 3-4 times less than the usual amount, about 50 grams only.”

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