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What is the 4-2-4 method to purify the skin?

Have you ever heard of the 4-2-4 method of purifying the skin, it is simple steps that you can apply on your face daily, and thus you get a clear skin free of any defects or impurities, learn through the following lines this Korean method of skin care,
4-2-4 method to purify the skin

It is a Korean method of skin care that takes only 10 minutes, and it is a routine divided into minutes in a 4-2-4 method. Learn about the steps and to apply them, you must provide the following products:

Facial cleansing oil.

Foaming wash and cleanser for the skin.

Water for rinsing.

Follow these steps:

The 4-2-4 method begins to clear the skin of blemishes and impurities, using drops of the cleansing oil and massaging the skin in circular motions for 4 minutes, thus getting rid of the dirt and oil accumulated in the skin cells that cause clogged pores, one of the best natural oils that help you implement this method is Jojoba oil.

Now that you are done, move on to the second step in the 4-2-4 method to purify the skin, which is to apply an appropriate amount of foaming face wash and start massaging with circular movements for two minutes.Now wash your face with clean water for 4 minutes, the first two minutes with warm water and thus The pores of the skin open and you get rid of white and black heads, then the last two minutes with cold water to shrink the pores and get rid of their wide, annoying appearance, it is preferable to use ice water, which is the method followed by the Indian stars.

Start applying the cosmetic products you want.

Follow this routine daily, and thus you will get a pure and flawless skin. How to get smooth and clear skin Use natural oils such as jojoba, olive and chamomile.

Make sure to exfoliate the skin naturally once a week until you see better results for the 4-2-4 method.

Tea tree oil is one of the effective elements to treat the skin and solve its problems. Wash your face with a natural wash free of harmful chemical compounds. Use serums and serums such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Masks Avocado and papaya are very effective in skin care and maintaining its health.

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