Weight loss injections facts and side effects

The problem of weight gain is one of the most common problems that many people suffer from. With new scientific research, many techniques have appeared that help in the process of slimming, including weight loss needles. To shed light on these injections, “Madam” met Shaima Zaher, a senior clinical nutritionist, a master’s degree in diet and sports nutrition from Oxford University, and a diploma in non-surgical body aesthetics from Britain..


What are weight loss needles?



Recently, there has been talk about weight loss needles, and it is correct to call them appetite suppressant needles, as these injections increase the feeling of satiety and reduce the feeling of hunger. The body produces a hormone known as glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) that regulates hunger and satiety. These needles act as the hormone inside the body, so when compared to the medicines that were circulated in the past for the same purpose, they are considered very safe. These drugs acted on the appetite center in the brain, and thus they caused many side effects, such as insomnia, nervousness, and sometimes depression.


Are needles completely free from side effects?



no. Needles affect the digestive system in some people, as they may cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation. The severity of symptoms may vary for different people, but if we start with the correct dosage, the symptoms are usually mild. In the case of nausea, treatment medications can be used for this purpose. If the symptoms intensify when the dose is increased, it is recommended to reduce the last for several days, and then raise it again.


All people, even children as young as 12 years old, who are obese can use needles. Of course, there is an exception for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with diseases of the liver, kidneys, or pancreas. We often hear that needles may cause cancers in the gland, and the truth is that during experiments on mice, a type of cancer appeared in the gland, and it has not been proven if the same thing can happen with humans or not. Therefore, the manufacturer recommended to ensure safety not to use needles in the event that there are tumors in the thyroid gland, whether for the person or in the family. Instead, the needles are considered safe to treat obesity, as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.



As for talking about who are the people who can benefit from needles, it depends on choosing the patient appropriately. Many believe that needles are the magic cure for weight loss, and unfortunately many doctors and nutritionists promote that a person can lose 30 kilograms in the case of using needles, and we may see that the words are completely illogical, is it reasonable to lose this weight regardless of the patient’s weight and the nature of eat it? We have a widespread eating behavior in the Kingdom that may be the main reason for weight gain, which is the consumption of one meal a day during the night, and thus the main problem of obesity may not be the consumption of a large number of calories, and in this case, needles may not be the best solution to lose weight. .


In the case of people who suffer from excessive appetite, and the inability to control the amount of food or the quality of food, here the use of needles is very useful.

As for the third case, which is people who suffer from poor burning, the benefit of needles may be somewhat limited, as needles only work to control appetite and hunger without controlling the level of metabolism, or reducing the absorption of any of the nutritional components. Therefore, the use of needles in these patients is less beneficial.



There are many types of appetite suppressant needles, what is the difference between them all, and which is the best?

There are actually two types of appetite suppressant needles: the first type is injected daily, and the second type is injected weekly. Patients may prefer to use the weekly type, as it is easier to use, in terms of the number of injections. But we have to look for effectiveness and not ease, as the effectiveness of the needles depends on the dose given, and if we reach the required doses, in this case the two are equally effective. Herein lies the problem, as the weekly needles available in Saudi Arabia, the highest dose of which is 1 mg, and since the recommended dose to suppress appetite according to the recommendation of the Food and Drug Authority is 2.4 mg, so the patient may not reach the required sense of satiety when using weekly needles. For this reason, one of the common problems among patients who use this type of needles is the feeling of fullness at the beginning of the week, but at the end of the week, patients start feeling hungry again.


Therefore, we usually recommend the use of daily needles, and we recommend gradual doses according to the recommendation to avoid complications that may result from the use of high-dose needles once.


The results are related to the cause


Why do results differ between users, and how can we benefit more when using needles?



Choosing the patient according to the problem that causes obesity is a very important factor for the use of needles. The second point that many overlook is the need to follow a diet while using needles, to make sure that the body burns fat, rather than losing muscle. Relying only on consuming small amounts of food may lead to muscle loss and reduce the rate of burning, which in the future affects the body’s ability to lose excess weight, which often happens with needle users, where the patient depends only on reducing eating without resorting to a balanced regime and healthy. This leads to weight loss in small and slow quantities when starting to use, and then weight stability, and thus the body gets used to small quantities, and enters a state of resistance to descent.


Therefore, we usually recommend consuming at least four meals to ensure healthy weight loss, weight loss and continuity of burning. It is also possible to benefit from the intermittent fasting system, as the appetite is cut off, which facilitates the idea of ​​fasting for long hours.


We also recommend weighing the fat and muscle mass, to ensure that the weight loss is done correctly and in a healthy way.

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