What is kokum butter and what are its advantages and most important uses

What is kokum butter from the confusing questions of many people, it is the butter that is extracted from the fruits of the kokum and some call it mangosteen, a type of edible butter, and this plant can be relied on as a spice that is added with some foods or its fruits are eaten fresh directly, in addition to its uses Various therapeutic, medical and cosmetic, the butter extracted from this plant is yellow or light gray, and it is a very useful butter because it contains fatty acids and other nutrients, and many people prefer it in the preparation of sweets and chocolate, in addition to its use in cosmetic aspects.


What is kokum butterThe kokum trees are evergreen trees with many branches, and have dark green leaves in oval shape, and the fruits are purple in color and as they ripen, they become more purple. This fruit has a sweet and sour taste at the same time and its flowers bloom mostly in the month of November to February. As for the fruits, they are harvested from April and May, and these fruits are dried and salt is added to them, which is a preservative to keep the fruit for a longer period of time. When its dark peel withers, it turns from purple to black, and if this fruit is soaked In water for a few minutes, its peel will be distinctive purple. Chrome butter is the butter that is extracted from this plant after it has been dried and chopped, and kept in a solid form so that butter balls are formed and melted before use. This butter can be used in the preparation of some foods or is used for disposal. From cracks in the skin. This butter is in a solid state, but when it comes into contact with the skin, it melts quickly. Many commercial companies prefer to mix this butter with some vegetable oils. Call it butter, not oil. Advantages of Kokum Butter


This butter has many advantages that make many people prefer it, including the following:


This butter is odorless, unlike coconut butter, shea butter or cocoa butter, which is known for its pungent smell. It is a type of butter that is easy to absorb, and is characterized by being light and with a non-greasy texture and is quickly absorbed into the body. This butter is characterized by not clogging the pores of the skin Such as shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut butter, which clog the pores of the skin. It is also a type of butter that maintains its solid texture. Disadvantages of kokum butter


Despite the many advantages of kokum butter, it has some disadvantages, such as:


This butter is expensive compared to other types of well-known butter, because it is rare. It may be difficult to obtain, especially since the fruits of these trees are not available throughout the year. It is not easy to use in many cosmetics because it does not dissolve easily and mixes with other products.


Benefits of kokum butter for the skin


Besides knowing what kokum butter is, this butter has many benefits for the skin, including:


Moisturizing the skin: because it contains moisturizing elements and is easily absorbed by the skin, and gives a feeling of softness and vitality, especially since it has a light greasy feel on the skin. Its safety with the skin.This butter contains elements that soothe inflamed skin and rid it of cracks that affect the feet and heels.It is preferable to consult a specialist doctor before using this butter in the treatment of inflamed wounds or severe burns, because it may be unsafe.Many dermatologists rely on it for Get rid of acne and treat the effects of acne. It is light on the skin and quickly absorbed by the skin and therefore does not clog the pores of the skin. This butter contains antioxidants that contribute to getting rid of dry skin and treat signs of aging that appear on the skin.Benefits of Butter kokum for hair


The benefits of kokum butter are not limited to the skin only, but also have many benefits for the hair, including:


It contains this butter that contributes to treating the problem of hair loss and restores the strength of hair follicles and strengthens them. It is light on the hair scalp and therefore quickly absorbed by the hair scalp and does not leave a greasy feel on the scalp. It also does not leave any unpleasant smell on the hair that is difficult to get rid of. This butter contains It contains a high percentage of stearic acid, which is one of the fatty acids in it, which leaves a light texture on the hair. It also gives the hair strength, vitality and luster. Other uses for kokum butter


This butter has many uses, including:


The manufacture of moisturizers, whether hair or skin moisturizers. It is involved in peeling the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. It is also used in make-up. It is used in the manufacture of shaving cream. It is used in the manufacture of soap. Lipstick. Kokum butter and the treatment of skin infections. This butter is relied on topically. In the treatment of many skin infections and getting rid of the effects of burns and ulcers. Several studies have shown that kokum butter contains antioxidants and antimicrobial substances that have a great ability to treat skin infections. It is one of the types of butter that is safe on skin scratches and does not cause rashes or skin injury. Burns. Using this butter daily twice a day for two weeks greatly contributes to the treatment of any skin burns

Now we got to know what is kokum butter and the many advantages found in this butter, in addition to identifying the advantages in this butter, as well as identifying its flaws and its multiple aesthetic and health uses, as well as how to prepare this butter from the kokum plant.