Disadvantages of mesotherapy injections “for hair, skin and slimming

Recently, the use of the mesotherapy technique has spread widely for many health purposes, which is the treatment of the middle layer of the skin, and many also believe that it is a modern technique used for cosmetic purposes only, but it is present in France since 1952, and it is a substance that is injected using a syringe with a fine tooth, due to the lack of The feeling of pain is final, so let’s learn about the side effects of mesotherapy injections in detail below for everyone who wants to follow up with us.


What is mesotherapy injection?


Mesotherapy is performed by injecting the desired places to be treated with vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts, because it helps to rejuvenate the skin, tighten sagging skin, reduce the appearance of signs of aging, and is also used in weight loss, body sculpting and many more uses that we will learn about below .


What are the materials used in mesotherapy injections?


There are some materials that can be used in mesotherapy injections, to correct some skin surface problems, and the most prominent materials used are the following:


Hormones such as thyroxine, calcitonin. Enzymes such as hyaluronidase, collagenase. Hyaluronic acid. Amino acids. Plant extracts. Vitamins and minerals important to the body. Some antibiotics can also be used to treat blood vessels. Uses of mesotherapy injections


Mesotherapy injections help to treat many of the problems he faces, so it is one of the most famous modern techniques at the present time, and the most important uses are as follows:


Getting rid of the problem of dark circles under the eyes.Determining the faceTightening the skin of the skin using minerals and vitamins.Mesotherapy injection also helps to get rid of skin pigmentation.Get rid of stretch marks and fine lines.Treatment of forehead lines and around the eye.Treatment of the double chin problem.Treats all hair problems such as hair loss It also helps in stimulating its rapid growth. Reduces the problem of cellulite. The side effects of mesotherapy for the face


There are several side effects of the mesotherapy injection technique for the face, and the most prominent disadvantages are as follows:


The emergence of an allergy to the components of the injection. Usually, swelling of the face occurs. Redness in the skin. Sometimes allergies develop and cause shortness of breath. It causes the infection to be transmitted at the injection site. There is pain after the session and during the session as well. You need a large number of sessions and this leads to an increase The cost of the mesotherapy technique. The lack of a treatment protocol using the mesotherapy technique, so it is up to the doctor to choose the materials used for treatment. The appearance of some scars on the face, and dark spots. The mesotherapy injection caused blisters at the injection sites, a feeling of itching and nausea.


Disadvantages of mesotherapy injections to burn fat


Mesotherapy has many side effects and damages, especially when used to burn fat, and the most prominent damages are as follows:


Obtaining a skin infection that results from contamination of injections and lack of sterilization, which is rare. It causes problems in the digestive system because it dissolves fats and thus transfers the proteins of the liver, so it causes problems in the digestive system. There are problems in the liver because it is responsible for filtering the blood of fats and toxins, Mesotherapy also contains dangerous chemicals that cause liver fatigue. Sensitivity in the treated area, so the doctor must test the patient’s sensitivity before starting the treatment using mesotherapy.


There are a number of side effects that appear on the patient when applying the hair mesotherapy technique, and the damages are as follows:


Feeling of pain in the areas where the needle was inserted. Swelling and swelling in the scalp, especially in the treated areas. There is no need to worry. The swelling only lasts for a few short days. The feeling of itching in the scalp. Some people suffer from the problem of an allergic reaction due to the use of chemicals and needles on the scalp. The head, so the doctor must test the materials first before performing the injection. The appearance of bruises on the scalp due to needle insertion, which in turn causes scratches or wounds in the capillaries and blood vessels, and there is light bleeding above or under the skin. Disadvantages of mesotherapy injections


Although mesotherapy has many benefits and advantages, there are some damages and side effects that occur to the person after the injection, and the most prominent damages of mesotherapy injections are as follows:


Feeling a slight pain in the affected area. You usually feel itching in the affected area. Ulcers and bruises at the injection site. The appearance of scars and deformities in the area treated with mesotherapy. The appearance of painful nodules in the treated area under the skin. An allergic reaction is usually immediate or or Late appearance of pigmentation in the treated areas. Discoloration of the skin of the injection site. Swelling at the injection site. Bruising at the site of the pit. Infection in the skin. Inflammation of the fatty layer in the skin. To infections in the skin. Redness in the skin. Swelling of the face. How to perform mesotherapy injections


After what we mentioned to you, the benefits and harms of mesotherapy injections, you must know how to perform it, and the steps are as follows:


First, the skin is painted with creams, and sometimes the patient requires local anesthesia. In order not to feel pain. The doctor uses a small and very accurate syringe dedicated to injecting additives to it. The syringe varies in different depths according to what the doctor estimates in each case. The syringe is continued with a pump A mechanism for conducting several sessions, ranging in number from three to fifteen sessions at intervals of seven to ten days in the beginning. If the doctor notices an improvement in the skin, he extends the duration of the sessions to reach only once a week or every month.

How to prevent the side effects of mesotherapy injections


There are many methods that help reduce the chances of side effects of the right, the most important of which are the following:


Rely on a skilled doctor to perform the mesotherapy technique. Ensure good sterilization of the tools used in the injection to reduce the spread of infection. Prevent the use of mesotherapy injections for people with heart diseases. Also prevents people with cancer. The necessary instructions must be followed before the injection. From using the injection technique with mesotherapy. It is also necessary to check with the center and whether it has previous experiences before performing the injection to be reassured and make sure that the injection was successful.


In conclusion, I will present to you a comprehensive report, the most important information that revolves around the harms of mesotherapy injections, its benefits and advantages, how to conduct it, and experiences for everyone who wants to use the mesotherapy technique, and always wait for more information on our website. Follow us

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