What is Cyberbank 2077?


During the past period, the news came close to the release of the new game cyberbank 2077, which many have been waiting for for the suspense surrounding it and for the efficiency of the manufacturer CD Projekt, which previously introduced The witcher game .

What is cyberbank 2077?

You are now in the future and life has changed so much in terms of street designs, buildings, cars and flying vehicles and the manufacturer has taken so much interest in this that you feel a terrible shift in the performance of people in the future than in the present .

The game relies on doing a number of specific tasks professionally with the integration of many movie scenes with it to make you feel that you are living in a real story and it gives you a number of options when you do the latest from others and these options in response to you will make the outcome of the dialogue definitely different .

For example, one response may get you into a fierce fight and another response will enable you to pass peacefully and so on .

However, the game does not depend on Place key and it is true that you have a car you and move how you want, but there are specific points you must go to complete the required tasks .

The game is set in a city called ” Nike City ” and is generally adapted from the state of California in the United States .

Game time in the future year 2077 .

Cyberbank game tracks

In order to be able to start playing this game since the home page you will be shown three paths to choose from ” travelers, street children, followers of institutions ” .

Cyberbank Voyager

When you are a member of the Voyager in the game, you now have complete freedom of movement and roam the desert with its nomad tribe and will usually attack fuel depots and scrap yards .

The game begins when you are in a small car maintenance center and then a police officer visits the center to try to scare you .

When you try to cross the border with your friend in the car, it is searched and you pay a bribe to the border guards so that you can cross into the city .

After the jump start the company’s policies in tracking you and try to escape them start shooting at them and pressure exchange between the parties where your friend driving in when you lead until you hit their car .

After escaping from them, you go to an abandoned place with your panicked friend and tell you that he will not pay you to start opening the items that were with him and discover the surprise .

Cyberbank street kids

While street kids means being on the streets with drug dealers in a world full of conflicts, you have to be strong enough to be able to face all these challenges .

The game begins when you are in a bar and you suffer a nose injury in a previous struggle with one of the people who tried to rob you and then you drink from the bar .

The bartender in this case has a problem with someone, Kirk, who is threatening him, and you need to help him talk to Kirk .

Who asks to steal one of the cars in the completion of the bartender’s debt and you will also get money in return .

Then you start your first task of stealing the car by going outside the bar and then going to the center where the car is located to start the robbery and then you deliver it but you get arrested .This is followed by many other tasks .

Following institutions

On the contrary, you follow institutions, it does not mean that you are a violent person, but here you are rich and belong to the upper class, but in these institutions there are strong conflicts that few survive .

The game begins when you are a panicked employee of an institution where a friend contacts you and tells him there is a leak inside the institution .

Then proceed to the meeting with Jenkins, who asks you to get provided you are using contain data of one of the characters that threaten and ask him to deal with her in exchange for money .

Then the Mahat starts running on you where you train in shooting first and later get training in basic skills of fighting until you are a professional in it .

The character in cyberbank

In this game, after you choose the track you want to exercise it will take you to the profile configuration in the beginning you have the option to vary either male or female and then is character-building based on the following options :

Determine the tone of the voice .

Determine skin color .

Determine skin type .

Determine the hairstyle .

Determine the type of hair .

Determine eye color .

Fixing eyebrows .

Specify the color of the eyebrow .

Determine the shape of the nose .

Determine the doubt of the mouth .

Determine the size of the ear .

Determine the shape of the beard .

Select a live color .

Electronic additions in the face .

Add holes in the face .

The color of the holes changed .

Specify the color of the teeth .

Makeup eye .

Color eye makeup .

Lip makeup .

Determine the shape of the nail .

Add a tattoo on the body .

Determine the shape of the chest .

The game is considered a product idea first which means that your profile will not appear in front of you, but you’re actually directly and see what surrounds you, just to you you’re inside of a game character .

But in contrast there are some cinematic scenes in the game and that shows personality through its special and you’re making this personal and identifying their features, with the beginning of the game always show your personality when looking into the mirror to chāh well and then appear in a number of scenes .

The game is supported in Arabic correctly, although some games may be added in Arabic, but it will not come in the typical form of such a game .

More what you’d be surprised at the figures is the significant imbalance between the normal human being with entering the world of machines and robots where the game contains characters unusual and Robin and people mixed in among them .

Cyberbank shooting

The game is considered to make the pointer shoot in the middle of the screen with the hold power with one hand or two hands depending on the type of weapon, and you can’t say this time and dodge the enemies shooting time as you want with the use of tools to detect their enemies .

Powerful shooting weapons .

Weapons with mirrored fluxes .

Weapons with round shots .

Weapons to stop enemies ‘ weapons .

Swords sticking out of the hand .

Personal assistance

Whatever path you’re playing through, you should get a helpful character that appears shortly after playing the game and stays with you continuously in many of the missions you do 

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