What is a macrobiotic diet?

The macrobiotic diet is a diet that calls for a balance of healthy foods from natural sources. The macrobiotic diet has come from Europe since the 1930s with the Japanese George Ohsawa. This diet aims not only to follow a balanced diet, but also to improve our mental state as well as our body, in a lifestyle style that matches the nature and requirements of each person, whether he is a woman or a man.

What is the macrobiotic regimen? 

Juan Rubio, a specialist in macrobiotic and biological medicine, points out that the macrobiotic diet seeks a balance between food and nature by rejecting processed or genetically modified foods with chemicals. His theory is also based on dividing the type of food between women and men with the aim of protecting the body and mind from diseases over the course of a lifetime. With a lot of eating vegetables, fruits and grains, and reducing the intake of fatty foods in their calories and fats, such as meat, sugars, dairy products and their full-fat derivatives.

What is a balanced diet in the macrobiotic diet?

The macrobiotic diet is based on eating 50% of grains such as quinoa, wheat, oats and barley. With 30% from vegetables, from 5 to 10% from legumes and seafood, and 5% from various types of low-fat vegetable-based soups. In addition to not eating harmful fatty foods and replacing them with healthy ones as follows:

Avoid eating red and white meat and eggs and replace them with fish, as most of them contain fewer calories. This is in addition to eating basic green salad dishes in any meal.

Replacing sugars by eating tropical fruits rich in vitamins and minerals that provide the human body with vitality and strengthen its immune system against diseases.

Eat soup at the beginning of the meal, provided that it is low in fat and made of fresh vegetables.

Reducing the intake of dairy and its derivatives that cause obesity and instead eating vegetable derivatives such as coconut milk and soy milk.

What are the basic principles of the macrobiotic system?

Eat only when you are hungry and only in the necessary quantity without any additions.

Chew food well and slowly.

Eat fresh foods free of preservatives.

– Ensure that your diet is seasonal food to achieve the balance called for by the macrobiotic system, between food and the surrounding nature