What harms your health more, fat or sugar?  

What harms your health more, fat or sugar?




Are you trying to lose weight? There is no doubt that you are trying to adopt deliberate exercises and trying to eliminate fat in your body.


Diets work to limit calories by eating foods that do not contain sugar and fat, which are accused of increasing body fat.


The question is, what is worse between them? Sugar or fat?


You should know that every gram of fat gives you 9 calories, and every gram of sugar gives you 4 calories.


Does this mean that fat is the worst?


A study was conducted on teenagers who consumed excess fat and sugar, and it was found that foods rich in sugar activate cells in the brain that stimulate appetite, making the person feel a constant desire to eat.




There is no doubt that fat and sugar are bad for health, but sugar is the worst because it always stimulates appetite. But this does not mean that you should eat a lot of fat because it is very rich in calories.


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