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What does traditional medicine say about the causes of autism?

What does traditional medicine say about the causes of autism?


Until now, the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder have not been accurately identified, and doctors say in this regard that there are features of possible causes, but they are not confirmed, and what we know for certain is the negation of factors that were previously considered possible causes.

Previously, it was said that the mother’s cold treatment of her child causes autism, but it turns out that this, according to studies, is not true at all.

It was previously said that vaccines cause autism, but a strong opposite wave of studies were issued denying the relationship of vaccines to autism. On this point in particular, there is another possible opinion of functional medicine that we will discuss later.. and everyone knows its power and robbery. Vaccine trade cases… and how to adopt studies…

And most of the factors that are being discussed and researched about now are biological factors, meaning, for example, that the fetus is exposed to certain medications that its mother took during pregnancy, which can increase the risk or possibility of developing autism in that newborn.

It is now recognized that biological factors and genetic factors in autism are important, and genetic and genetic factors are not certain or inevitable, but they play a role to some extent. For example, if a child has autism, this increases the possibility of his brother having autism.

The advanced age of the parents may also increase the risk of autism

The scientific community is circulating that autism has genetic roots.. However, despite this, no scientific research body has yet been able to confirm or clearly enumerate the genetic causes of autism. A clear chromosomal defect.. While about 10-15% of autism cases are linked to known genetic conditions, meaning, for example, there is a known genetic defect called Fragile X, or the so-called #Fragile_X_syndrome, which is characterized by mild intellectual disability, speech delay, and Psychological disorders and a group of physical signs: large ears, a long face, a prominent jaw and forehead, and flat feet.. A large percentage of those who carry this genetic defect have symptoms of autism, as well as a large percentage of those who have sclerosis tubéreuse in French Or scleroderma in English, which is a disease that is characterized by skin disorders and is also associated with autistic symptoms.

However, there are cases of scleroderma that are not associated with autism, as is the case with Fragile X syndrome, which is not necessarily associated with autism.

So there is a genetic predisposition to autism in addition to unknown external factors..

Despite scientific progress in all fields of medicine, there are diseases whose clear causes have not been definitively revealed, and this applies to autism.

On the other hand, many possible causes contributing to autism were classified from the point of view of #functional_medicine #– # forbidden link 1778 # –al_Medicine , which is based on an investigation of the root causes, in the light of scientific studies that were conducted over many years and included large numbers of children. Even from the embryonic stage in the wombs of their mothers.. and more than that: what pertains to the mother herself, even years before conception..

And the essence of the difference between studies and others is to establish additional influencing factors and eliminate others and take long periods of time (sometimes tens of years) into account.. What we clearly mean here is the health of the mother even long years before the pregnancy of the child who developed autism, the electrician of Kuwait’s homes. This is what most studies have overlooked..while studies according to functional medicine are characterized by more depth in the investigation, as they take the factor of time and look at matters in a more comprehensive manner..

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