Herbs to combat spring allergies, including mint and ginger

Although spring brings many welcome things—sunshine, flowers, and the end of the cold winter—it also signals the start of allergy season. Say hello to itchy, red eyes, irritated throat and runny nose. No matter the source, there is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy the new warm weather.

So here are ten of the best natural herbal remedies for fighting seasonal spring allergies.



1- Nettle Plant Nettle plant acts as a natural antihistamine, helping the body’s immune system respond to allergens and reducing symptoms such as sneezing and itchy eyes. Nettle is rich in vitamins A and C! Take nettle capsules or drink fresh nettle tea three times daily.

Chamomile  is an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe dry, itchy eyes. For quick relief, place cooled, wet chamomile tea bags over your eyes for 3-5 minutes.




Peppermint acts as a powerful decongestant. Steep fresh or dried mint leaves in boiling water to make a tea that will flush out the sinuses and make breathing a little easier.




Ginger combined with honey is a great natural pain reliever that can help treat a sore throat. To make a nice cup of ginger tea, simmer 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger (or 2 teaspoons of dried powder) in a cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes, and add honey to taste.




Honey has healing and soothing properties that can help reduce symptoms of a cough or sore throat. A spoonful of honey, either alone or with a cup of tea, helps to get relief.




Thyme can be very beneficial when it comes to treating coughs, congestion, and sore throats because it is an expectorant and antimicrobial. Steep 2 teaspoons of fresh thyme to make your own tea, or buy commercially prepared tea bags.

Cayenne pepper and other spicy herbs Herbs such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, or ginger can help clear mucus from the respiratory passages and make breathing easier. Mix one or more of these herbs into a paste with honey for secret relief

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