What Does Amino Acid Do in Skin Care?


You know we love to discover new ingredients in skincare. Actually, our topic today is not a new discovery. Emerging from the digestion of proteins by the body, amino acids have been used in skin care and hair care for years. If you do not get support from amino acids in skin care, you should thoroughly research amino acids that play an active role in regenerating your skin and making it look healthier. What is amino acid and where is it found? How can we add amino acids to skincare? We explain!

What is an amino acid?

Amino acids are actually known as the building blocks of proteins in our body. After proteins are divided into amino acids, they assemble for specific tasks and fulfill these tasks in the body. One of the most important functions of amino acids is that they are responsible for the formation of tissues such as heart, eye, muscle and skin.

Amino acids are divided into 3 groups. Essential amino acids are examined in three different groups as non-essential amino acids and semi-essential amino acids. You can have smoother skin by including amino acids that are involved in skin health and tissue regeneration into your care routines.

What are the functions of amino acids?

Amino acids are very important for body and skin health. Amino acids are also used by those who do sports. This is because these acids increase lean body mass and muscle strength! Amino acids improve blood flow in the muscles and increase water retention. Thus, cell growth is provided and amino acids allow the body to take shape faster.

The benefits of amino acids include being effective against inflammation, reducing fatigue and increasing the level of immunity. Those who take amino acid supplements can observe that their body is more resistant to diseases and they may feel more vigorous.

What are the benefits of amino acids to the skin?

Amino acids also play an active role in skin care. Our favorite feature of amino acids is that they are used in anti-aging skin care! During the aging period, muscle tissue loss may occur. Amino acids increase skin’s strength and firmness by repairing damaged DNA.

Arginine and carnitine in amino acids help to regenerate the skin and help make fine wrinkles on the skin less pronounced. It improves the elastic texture of the skin, making it look firmer and smoother. Amino acids are also used in nail care. For brittle nails, amino acids come into play and allow the nail tissue to heal and harden.

What are the effects of amino acids on hair care?

We can clearly see the benefits of amino acids in hair care. The reason for this is very simple. Because hair strands consist of amino acids. Taking amino acid supplements accelerates hair growth and enables hair to grow healthier. Using shampoo and conditioner containing amino acids helps hair grow stronger and thickens hair strands. You should add amino acid shampoos to your hair care to grow your hair and make it look denser.

If you are looking for an amino acid shampoo suggestion, we can recommend Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo for you. Kiehl’s shampoo, which contains amino acid and coconut oil, cleanses your hair gently and makes them look fuller and softer. The amino acid in its formula supports healthier hair growth and strengthens the hair strands. At the same time, the wheat proteins and wheat starch in this shampoo add volume and fullness to the hair. You should meet with Kiehl’s shampoo, which is suitable for normal hair, as soon as possible!

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