Combination skin: questions and answers about its main problems and solutions


We have received a lot of questions about mixed skin and its problems and the solutions to these problems, and today the skin experts at your skin site will answer all the questions that we have received to be a guide for you to keep mixed skin free of problems.

Q1: how do I know that my skin is mixed?

In general, oils are distributed in mixed T-shaped skin in the forehead, nose and chin, if you notice that some places in your skin are oily and others are dry like cheeks, you have mixed skin, and if you can not determine your skin type yet, we recommend that you consult a specialist to find out exactly the type and follow

Q2: my skin was normal, now mixed, so what’s the solution?

For your condition, either you have a hormonal imbalance (here you should consult a specialist), you have changed your diet (you are eating high-fat and unhealthy meals), you are using skincare products that do not suit your skin type, or you have even moved from a cold to a warm area, so reconsider your lifestyle and changes to find out exactly what

Q3: are there skin care products for mixed skin or should I apply more than one product on the face? 

Yes, there are mixed skin care products (including sensitive mixed skin, including normal to mixed skin, and 1K there are dry to mixed skin care products), as other women prefer to apply a moisturizing cream for dry or normal skin on the cheeks, and moisturize the T-zone with a moisturizer for oily skin.

Q4: what are the most important natural masks for mixed skin treatment?

You can apply these natural masks to treat various skin problems:

Oat and rose water mask to gently exfoliate and soften mixed skin.

Mask of cinnamon and coconut oil to get rid of grains, pimples and uniform skin tone.

Kaolin clay and yogurt mask to exfoliate and regenerate skin cells.

Q5: what is the cause of increased wrinkles in mixed skin?

Because the nature of the area around the eyes is drier and more sensitive in people who have skin mixed, how much can a person focuses sometimes on the oily areas and problems and forget this sensitive area which need special attention.

Q6: what is the best sunscreen for Combination Skin?

We can advise you to choose a suitable protector for mixed and good-type skin (sensitive, prone to dryness,…One of the best is Anthelios XL gel from La Roche-Posay, which is suitable for mixed to oily skin, sensitive skin and exposed skin, which is known as sun allergy, i.e. excessive sharpness of the sun, and comes in the form of a gloss-resistant dry colored gel cream with very high protection of the face from ultra-long ultraviolet rays (PPD 22). It offers maximum sun protection +SPF 50 and enhanced against long UV rays (complying with stricter standards than those imposed by European countries on sun protection products) thanks to the patented Mexoplex®filtration system, as well as the soothing, anti-oxidant thermal water of La Roche-Posay, and offers very high, wide and light-resistant protection from short rays as well.

Q7: what are the top tips for mixed skin care?

Choose skincare products for your specific skin type, cleanse your skin twice a day, drink more water and eat foods that contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, and don’t go out to the sun without a skin-specific sunscreen.

Dear readers, if you have other questions about mixed skin and ways to care for it, do not skimp on us to participate to answer all your questions, and your skin has lasted healthy and good!

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