What do you know about antioxidants?

What do you know about antioxidants?


Let’s get to know what is meant by antioxidants? But before that, we will give you the following rough example that very simply explains the process of oxidation and antioxidants and the effect of each of them:

When you peel the apple and leave it in the room for a short time, you find that the apple has begun to turn brown due to the oxygen in the air, and this is known as oxidation. Therefore, when you peel the apple and do not want it to turn brown, you squeeze a little citrus juice on it, so the color of the peeled apple does not change. Squeezing citrus fruits on an apple prevents the apple from oxidizing because it contains antioxidants, so we find that antioxidants are widely used in the preserved food industry so that it does not spoil.

Likewise, the human body is exposed to oxidation, or more precisely, the body’s cells are exposed to oxidation, which is called in English “Oxidation,” which is the defect that occurs to the body’s cells, as oxidation is considered one of the basic and important reactions in the human body, which divides the cell molecules and destroys them, just as it destroys Fatty acids found in the cell make our bodies vulnerable to many infections, viruses and cancers.

As for antioxidants, which are called “antioxidants” in English, they help the cell membrane preserve the protein contained in it, and they are also considered the cell’s basic line of defense. Through these antioxidants, food is allowed to enter the cell and waste is sent out, while preventing The entry of toxins and viruses into it, which if this occurs, the person will achieve good, sustainable health, God Almighty willing.

It is worth noting that there are many external factors that help oxidize the cells of our bodies. For example, exposure to radiation, eating food containing artificial hormones, smoking, inhaling polluted air, exposure to pesticides, some medications that we take to treat some diseases, and eating foods containing… Preservatives, or foods containing saturated fats, which are found in abundance in fast food.

Although our bodies produce antioxidants, we need to increase protection for the body’s organs, through foods containing natural antioxidants found in fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and some…

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