Getting rid of negative energy

A number of psychology and sociology experts have confirmed that one of the reasons that makes you feel exhausted is the loss of your positive energy and your saturation with negative energies during the busy day at home and at work, but you can resist these feelings and turn them into positive energy, through some advice provided to you by Maha Al-Kurdi, professor of psychology. At the Center for Social and Criminological Research:


• Make sure to get eight hours of deep, calm sleep, as stress and lack of sleep can give you nightmares that affect your energy the next day, disturb your peace of mind, and make your mood bad and aggressive. Insomnia is one of the most powerful weapons that defeat a person and rob him of his calm and energy.


• Do not give in to worries and stay away from those who carry them for you. There are types of people who only like to talk about disasters and misfortunes that befall them and others. These people often do this to ward off envy and the evil eye, and they release their negative energy to those around them after they vent it.


• Stop practicing dieting throughout your life because refraining from eating important nutrients such as carbohydrates and a little fat affects the body’s hormones and energy as well, so make sure to eat a healthy breakfast that contains carbohydrates and proteins to maintain your energy and activity, and be sure to eat a reasonable amount of all types of food.


• Look for the reason for your weak energy by going to the doctor. You may be suffering from anemia or suffering from side effects of one of the medications.


• Give yourself peace of mind by taking short vacations to get rid of stress and do things that you like, such as meeting up with school friends or other ideas.


• Laugh wholeheartedly at a comedy movie, play, or sarcastic joke, and avoid worry and sadness.

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