Egg Mask that Balances Skin Color  

Egg Mask that Balances Skin Color






1 Egg


1 Eggshell


Preparation and application:


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Egg white will be used in our mask.


Grind the egg shell into powder by crushing it in a mortar or grinding it in a coffee grinder.


Mix the powdered egg shell and egg white thoroughly in a clean bowl.


Apply the mixture to your face.


Wait 15 minutes.


Wash with plenty of warm water.


Dry with paper towel.




If you want to eliminate color irregularity on your skin with our eggshell mask, which has many effects on the skin, apply it twice a week at regular intervals.


Since eggshell contains plenty of calcium, it creates a detox effect on the skin. It ensures that skin blemishes disappear. Lightening of skin color is observed. You can have a bright and vibrant skin by renewing the cells on the skin.

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