How to deal with colic in children

Most cases of colic occur or become worse at night, and the child is in good condition during the rest of the day. The colic attack usually lasts from ten minutes to an hour.



Regarding how to deal with a child during an attack of colic, the child suffering from colic is a healthy child and not a sick child. He is breastfed and grows normally, and the mother can follow some of the following tips to reduce and eliminate an attack of colic from the child.


The child’s parents, especially the mother, must be patient and understanding of the child’s condition and calm, while dealing with the child, because patience and calm help relieve colic. However, if the mother is nervous and anxious while dealing with her child, this will be reflected in her and the child’s condition will get worse.



The mother must take the following steps:


– Gently massage the abdomen using baby oil after making sure that the oil is warm.



The actual cause of colic in an infant is unknown, but it is possible that a child suffering from colic is affected by the presence of gases and their movement in his intestines, and colic usually occurs between the first 10 days and up to four months.



– Wash the child’s body with warm water.



-Do not add sugar to his food.



– Giving the child mint, anise, chamomile, or caraway during breastfeeding.



-Lift the child and shake him or walk with him gently. This method is often useful in getting rid of gases.



– Do not let the child cry for a long time before feeding him, because this leads to the entry of a large amount of air into his stomach.



-Do not introduce solid food before completing 6 months

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