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What are the types of foundation cream and which one suits you?

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of foundation is best suited for your skin? You must be aware that there are many types of foundation creams, differing in terms of the composition and the result they give the skin, and in order to be sure of the type that is most suitable for your skin and its type, the answer to this question is the Bahraini beauty expert Azhar Habeel: Stick foundation – Stick foundation that suits and covers oily skin Excellent, and I do not recommend it a lot for daily use because it affects the skin, and you must be careful to clean the skin before bed because it penetrates the pores.

Pressed powder foundation is suitable for oily skin and many women use it with water, that is, they wet the sponge and then use the powder with a wet sponge, but I am completely against this method, so I test a paper and put it in water and then let it dry, you will notice that it shrinks, and the skin It is prone to wrinkles, so be sure to use products that do not affect it in the future.

Cream foundation – Suitable for normal, dry and combination skin.


Liquid foundation – A liquid foundation that is suitable for dry, combination and oily skin, but it must be fixed with powder, whether compact powder or Loose powder (soft).

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