7-day challenge to get clear skin without makeup

Clear skin without makeup is the goal of all girls and women of all ages, so we present to you the 7-day challenge. If you follow this routine that we will explain to you for a whole week, then you will get pure skin without spots, impurities and pigmentation. The method that you should follow in order to have perfect skin depends on important steps. The first is to restore the elasticity of the skin, and then to increase the proportion of collagen responsible for the youth and health of the skin. Thus, you will get rid of dark spots and acne scars.


How to get clear skin without makeup in 7 days?


Set yourself this challenge and do not give up on achieving it, because by doing so, you will get healthy, shiny, radiant skin, without the need to apply a lot of makeup products to hide the flaws of the face. Learn the steps of the challenge below:


Vitamin C toner preparation and 7-day challenge for pure skin without makeup


These are the first steps of the challenge, easy and simple, and the goal is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, in addition to calming skin irritation and solving the problem of dehydration, which results in many problems that distort the surface of the skin. Follow these steps to get a toner rich in vitamin C:


Peel 2 oranges, which is the main element in the challenge of getting clear skin without makeup. In a bowl, put half the volume of water, then add the orange peels rich in vitamin C. On a medium heat, stir the water and peels for at least 15 minutes, then drain the mixture. Leave it To cool down. Take a spray bottle or spray, then put half of it in rose water and the other half in the orange water that you prepared. Shake the bottle well and now you have a vitamin C toner for your face and you have completed the first component of the 7 day challenge. The toner is placed on a washed face and then distributed with a cotton pad.


Night cream of orange peels for clear skin within 7 days


The second step in the 7-day challenge for clear skin without makeup, is not to throw away the orange peels that you used previously in preparing the vitamin C face toner, because you will need them to make a natural night cream, follow the steps shown in the following lines:





In the electric mixer, put the orange peels and then 2 tablespoons of orange water used to make the toner. Mix well until you get a paste of an appropriate consistency. To prepare the night cream and step number 2 in the challenge of the week for clear skin without impurities, add two tablespoons of glycerin and then a tablespoon of gel Aloe vera or aloe vera. Now you have a night cream made of orange peels. Wash your face before going to bed and then apply the natural cream.

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