What are the symptoms of excess body fat?

Increased body fat

Excess body fat is one of the most dangerous problems for human health, and this increase includes triglycerides and cholesterol, which are one of the main causes of heart problems; Such as hardening of the arteries, their loss of flexibility, and their ability to contract necessary to control blood pressure, and this problem can be addressed after its diagnosis, and identifying the reasons behind its occurrence.

Symptoms of excess body fat

In most cases, there are no clear symptoms of the problem of high body fat percentage, but in some cases where the increase is very large, there are some symptoms; Coronary artery blockage, high blood pressure, and clots, which are among the most important and most common symptoms among patients, and fatty accumulations called yellow tumors may form under the skin if the cause of the increase in fat is genetically, and if a person notices any of the previous symptoms, he should see a doctor To perform the necessary tests to diagnose the condition, and to obtain appropriate and effective treatment.

Reasons for excess body fat

There are some factors that increase the incidence of excess body fat; Such as high harmful cholesterol, which leads to the transfer of fats from the liver to the blood, in addition to the fact that the proportion of good cholesterol lower than the normal limit leads to the occurrence of the same problem, and one of the reasons that play a role in controlling the increase or decrease of cholesterol in the blood is the genetic factor, or gender; Females, in general, are more likely than men to have excess body fat, and excessive intake of foods rich in saturated fats contributes to high levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
The reason for the increase in body fat percentage may be taking some types of medications that raise the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood; such as contraceptive pills, diuretics, and cortisone, in addition to a person’s infection with some diseases; Such as diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, kidney failure, and low thyroid secretion, and physical activity may play a role in this, as it leads to the accumulation of fat in the body significantly.

Prevention and treatment of high fat

Reducing fatty and saturated fat foods; Like pans, fast food.
Excessive intake of fiber-rich foods; Such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
Increasing sports activity to increase physical fitness, and to reduce excess weight.
Follow a balanced diet from a doctor or nutritionist; To maintain cholesterol and fat levels in the blood.
Taking medication after consulting a specialist doctor, and the medication is a treatment for increasing harmful cholesterol and fats in the blood

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