Make your own cream to treat and soothe eczema-affected skin

Eczema is a disease and inflammation of the skin that appears due to a weak immune system in the body, and the effects of this infection are rashes, itching, and a change in the color of the skin to redness and dryness, and sometimes bubbles, peeling and disintegration in the skin to the point of bleeding.

Try the following home remedy to treat and soothe affected skin
* the components:

1 teaspoon of tea essential oil

A tablespoon of lavender essential oil

¼ cup of coconut oil

¼ cup of shea butter

tablespoon honey

* How to prepare:

Put the shea butter and coconut oil in a pot inside a pot filled with water over a low heat to make a water bath for them for 5 minutes.

Lift the butter mixture and put it in another bowl to add the rest of the ingredients, then stir until the ingredients are homogeneous

  1. Leave the mixture to cool and then put it in a clean glass jar to use as often as needed.

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