The best specializations in human medicine

The best human medicine specialties On my website in detail,  there are many different specialties in human medicine that can be joined to help many people who suffer from different diseases and are trying to get rid of them, and therefore we will talk during this article about the most important human medical specialties.

The best specializations in human medicine

Below we will talk about the best human medicine specialties that are taught by different universities:


Department of General Surgery

  • General surgery is one of the most important departments and specializations in the College of Medicine, through which deformities and many different diseases are eliminated through surgical operations.
  • Doctors specializing in general surgery treat the disease with care. They are highly qualified and experienced in emergency cases, as they intervene immediately to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.


Orthopedic Department

  • Orthopedics is one of the most important medical specialties that treat deformities and get rid of problems that affect bones, joints and ligaments.
  • Orthopedic surgery treats osteoporosis, treats fractures, and gets rid of health problems that affect the spine or tumors.

heart specialty

  • A cardiologist treats problems affecting the heart or blood vessel problems.
  • The doctor carefully examines the patient and performs all the necessary tests for him, such as checking blood pressure, heart, lungs, etc. The doctor also learns about the patient’s medical history so that he can determine the problem that he has.

Oncology specialty

  • An oncologist is the one who works to detect and treat cancerous diseases.
  • The oncologist explains the diagnosis to the patient and makes him know all the stages he will go through, and also presents the treatment options available to him and helps him get rid of this disease.

Plastic surgery

  • The plastic surgeon is the one who reduces the percentage of deformities and scars that cause human disfigurement.
  • A plastic surgeon works to treat congenital defects with which a person is born, and to treat many serious injuries that are the result of some accidents that humans are exposed to.

Best medical specialty in terms of salary

The best specializations in human medicine

The financial remuneration that a doctor receives varies according to his specialization, as there are medical specialties that pay higher compared to the rest of the existing specialties. Below we will present the best specialties in human medicine in terms of salary:

  • Orthopedics is one of the highest paid medical specialties, with $464,500.
  • Invasive Cardiology is one of the best paid medical specialties with $461,500.
  • Non-invasive cardiology is one of the highest paid specialties, with $447,140.
  • The gastroenterology specialty is one of the highest paid human medicine specialties, which comes in at $440,500.
  • An oncologist is considered one of the most important specialties and the highest in terms of salary, reaching $370.950.
  • A radiologist averages $369,250.

Rare medical specialties

As we mentioned earlier, human medical specialties, but there are some rare medical specialties that a doctor rarely joins, and below we will mention the most important of these sections:

  • Hematology specialization.
  • Infectious diseases specialization.
  • Vascular surgery.
  • Gastrointestinal specialty.
  • Forensic Medicine.
  • Thoracic and heart surgery.
  • Plastic surgery oncology.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Children’s Surgery
  • Glands specialization.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Blood vessels.


The best medical specialties for girls

Below we will talk about the best human medicine specializations for girls that are compatible with other women’s work so that she can take care of her home affairs and many other meals. Therefore, we will present the best suitable specialties for her:

  • Pediatrics specialty :  It is considered one of the most important specialties that suit women in general, as this specialty needs skill in how to deal with the child, and therefore the woman is the best person to deal with the child.
  • Otorhinolaryngology :  It is one of the best specializations, as it treats a few diseases such as ear infections, allergic rhinitis, or problems affecting the throat or throat, etc., in addition to having many advantages such as a meaningful salary.
  • Dermatology specialty :  It is one of the specialties that women prefer, as it is characterized by many things, such as the ease of diseases, as they are easily identified and diagnosed, and this specialization is characterized by the appropriate working hours for it, as it does not need to be available 24 hours a day.
  • Ophthalmology :  It is one of the most prominent specialties that are suitable for women in general, as it is concerned with health problems that affect the eyes, such as corneal ulcers, uveitis, as well as contact lenses and others.

Below we will present the best medical specialties with a future:

  • Orthopedic surgery is considered the most prominent and important specialization that has a bright future.
  • General surgery is one of the most important specialties, as it treats deformities and serious injuries that may result in any disability or major problems in the future
  • Cardiology is the third most important specialty in medicine, in which all intractable heart diseases that may cause death at any moment are treated.
  • Plastic surgery occupies the fourth place among medical specialties, and in this section the surgeon seeks to treat and reduce the deformities in the human being that may affect him since birth or may suffer as a result of exposure to a specific accident.


In the previous article, we talked about the  best specialties in human medicine,  which many students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine seek to enroll in. We also clarified the most important specialties that suit girls in terms of ease, destiny, and presence

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