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What are the Recommendations for Neutral Skin Undertone? - Care Beauty

What are the Recommendations for Neutral Skin Undertone?

People with neutral skin undertones carry both warm and cold colors successfully. These people, who suit all kinds of colors, are luckier in terms of color usage than other skin undertones. Neutral skin undertone has a wide range in make-up, hair color and clothing selection . People with neutral skin undertones, who have both cold and warm color reflections on their faces, have the opportunity to make combinations in color usage. People with this skin undertone can create creative and experimental combinations by using shades of different colors together. If you have a neutral skin undertone, you can strengthen your style by learning hair, make-up and clothing colors that will complement your skin. So, colors that suit neutral skin undertones ?what? Let’s take a closer look at the frequently asked questions about neutral skin undertone


What is Neutral Undertone Skin?


Neutral skin undertone, which is a combination of warm and cool skin undertones, can benefit from many different colors in make-up and clothing selection. It is possible for people with neutral undertones, where warm and cold shades coexist on their skin, to understand whether they suit them by trying various colors. When choosing clothes and make-up, instead of mixing both warm and cold tones, matching close colors from the cold and warm color families will give the best results. For example, you can create outfit combinations by choosing blue and its shades, or you can enliven your make-up with blue and dark blue shading in your eye make-up. If you care about your skin care and want to nourish your skin with vitamins, the benefits of vitamin B5 for the skin are:You can get detailed information about vitamin B5 by reading our content




People with neutral skin undertones who have the opportunity to use warm and cold colors can test their skin undertone color with a few simple methods. Here are some ways to ensure a neutral skin undertone…




Do a vein test: Examine the veins in your wrists in a sunny room. If both green and blue colors predominate in your veins, there is a high probability that you have a neutral skin undertone.Try jewellery: Wear jewelery in gold and silver colors on your skin. If you think that both gold and silver colors look good on you at the same time, then you have a neutral skin undertone.Pay attention to clothing colors: If you think you wear both beige and white clothes well, you may have a neutral skin undertone.




If you have doubts about your skin undertone despite the simple tests above, you can find out whether you have a neutral skin undertone by getting help from a make-up expert.

Which Color Suits Skin with Neutral Undertone?


People with neutral skin undertones, who have the freedom to choose from a warm and cool color palette, can choose the prominent colors of the basic color range. These people can carry many colors well, such as black, white, brown, dark blue and grey. In addition, different colors such as green, yellow, pink and coral are perfect for people with neutral skin undertones.


When choosing a foundation with a neutral skin undertone, you can choose mixed foundation types that combine yellow and pink colors. These foundations integrate with the mixed color structure of neutral skin and create a glamorous skin appearance. Foundations produced with names such as natural, beige or classic look very nice and natural on neutral skin. Neutral skin undertone concealerIn his selection, he may choose colors that are a combination of pink and yellow. In this way, they can achieve a more vibrant and bright expression on their faces. When it comes to lipstick selection, it is possible to achieve ideal make-up applications with lipsticks such as light pink, peach, nude colors, burgundy, purple and brown. On the other hand, it is recommended for neutral skin to stay away from bright colors such as dark pink and vibrant red

What color blush goes with neutral skin undertone?


People with neutral skin undertones can give their cheeks a fresh look by using pink and peach toned blushes. In addition, neutral skin people can use bronzing products to create gold reflections on their skin during summer days or bold make-up applications. Neutral skin types can benefit from a wide range of colors in eye make-up, from earth tones to greens, from blue to purple. While earth tones and beige colors are ideal for daily make-up applications, dark navy blue and blue tones suit these people very well for night make-up.

Which hair color goes with neutral skin undertone?


Among the most suitable hair colors for those with neutral skin tone, blondes with beige undertones and ash browns stand out. In addition, different colors such as strawberry blonde also match well with this skin tone. However, it is recommended that people with neutral skin undertones stay away from bold and bright hair colors such as platinum blonde.

What color should people with neutral skin undertones wear?


Neutral skin undertone is very lucky in choosing clothing colors. Basic colors such as black, white, beige and brown match perfectly with neutral skin tone. Additionally, colors such as mustard yellow, ice blue and orange are great options to highlight the skin undertone. In summer, colors such as peach, light pink and emerald green on bronze skin can offer a dazzling effect on neutral skin. It is also possible to give colors such as burgundy and navy blue a chance on special occasions. People with neutral skin undertones can choose both silver and gold colored jewelry and create flashy combinations with both colors.




If you have a neutral skin undertone, you can create an energetic and lively look by choosing the colors that suit you best when choosing clothes, hair and make-up.