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Exercises to relax the eyes and strengthen vision - Care Beauty

Exercises to relax the eyes and strengthen vision

The eye needs care and rest just like any other part of the body. In our age of development and technology, we spend many hours during the day in front of the screens that surround us on every side, from the TV, to the computer, through the cell phone and down to video games… We offer you some tips and exercises to maintain the health of the eyes, provide comfort for them and strengthen them. Looking, in order to avoid exacerbating problems with age.


the focus:


Focusing on things near and then far away, an exercise that may benefit the health of your eyes. To do this simple exercise, you have to focus on looking at something close for several seconds, and then focus on looking at something far away for several more seconds. Repeat the steps several times to strengthen your vision.


Warming the eyes:


Rub your palms together until you feel the warmth of your hands. Then close your eyes and place each hand on the opposite eye. This position will block the light from your eyes and allow them to absorb heat from the palms. Repeat this exercise ten times in a row, whenever you feel tired.


Eye rotation:





Sit in your chair with your back straight and do not move your head. Look up, then right, then down, then left, and again at the ceiling. Repeat this process 5 times and reverse directions 5 more times. This exercise will help you improve your eyesight and provide comfort to your eyes.


Finally, we advise you to take a 5-minute break between every hour of working in front of computer screens, do the exercises we mentioned in this article, and use eye drops.