What are the natural mixtures that whiten your teeth easily?


What are the natural mixtures that whiten your teeth easily? No one wants to give up the charm of his smile to the yellow stains that invade the luster and whiteness of the teeth, and because natural methods are always considered safe, we chose for you natural mixtures that help you whiten your teeth quite easily at home.


Apples: Apples contain malic acid, which contributes to dissolving stains, so rub your teeth with a piece of apple for a few minutes every day to restore their luster and whiteness.


Strawberries: Strawberries, like apples, contain malic acid, which can help get rid of stains and discoloration of teeth. You can crush strawberries and brush your teeth with them. You can also add a little sodium bicarbonate to the crushed strawberries and use it as a paste to leave on the teeth for 5 minutes.


Lemon and orange peel: Lemon and orange peels contain a type of acid that eliminates stains on the surface of the teeth. However, do not use this method daily as frequent use may damage tooth enamel. And if you wish, you can also add baking powder to lemon juice to get another way to restore whiteness to your smile.





Sage herb: crush the sage herb leaf and add a little salt to it, as this mixture will rid you of the tartar accumulated on your teeth. Simple steps separate you from restoring the whiteness of your teeth, don’t let your beautiful smile wait too long!

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