How to make sunscreen cream at home

The summer season and the heat of the sun, which causes many problems to the skin and skin, so you must be careful to use sunscreen cream before going out of the house in order to preserve your skin and your beauty. Today, Arab Fashion offers you a proven method of making sunscreen cream at home. Get to know it with us …


Learn how to make sunscreen cream at home, as it is a natural, tried and wonderful method, as it consists of natural ingredients that preserve the beauty of your skin. Learn about it:


– the components :


Half a cup of almond oil.


A quarter cup of coconut oil.





A quarter cup of beeswax.


2 tablespoons of zinc oxide powder.


A spoonful of olive oil.


2 tablespoons of cocoa butter.


– How to prepare :


  • Put the ingredients in a glass jar except for the zinc oxide powder, then put the jar in a tray filled with water and put the tray on a medium heat and stir the ingredients well until they homogenize, then add the zinc oxide powder and stir the mixture well, then let it cool and stir well, then put it in jars for use and it is preferable to put it in the refrigerator .

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