What are the dangers of baby powder?

Caring for an infant is considered a very sensitive matter, as he is in a stage of low immunity, and any mistake made against him is considered a disaster, even if it is small. One of the matters related to the hygiene and health of the child is that the majority of mothers use talcum powder after changing the child, especially changing diapers, for the purposes of sterilization and a pleasant smell. .



But this behavior proved wrong; The German “Family and Child” magazine reported that pediatricians warn against using talcum powder when changing diapers.



The magazine said that mothers who use talcum powder for the purpose of treating redness or inflammation of an infant’s breech do not know that it may cause damage to his lungs, as a result of inhaling this substance while its dust flies in the air surrounding the child.



The magazine previously confirmed that talcum powder causes redness and inflammation in the infant’s breech, so doctors recommend using a wound cream that contains zinc or panthenol.

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