Green tomatoes prevent muscle aging

Green tomatoes prevent muscle aging




A recent American study confirmed that green tomatoes contain a compound that not only enhances the growth and strength of muscles, but also prevents them from weakening as a result of exposure to diseases, injuries, or aging.


Dr. Christopher Adams from the University of Iowa said in a statement to the American Journal of Biological Chemistry: Muscle weakness resulting from aging, exposure to injuries, cancer, and heart attacks makes people more weak and tired, prevents them from doing physical activity, and exposes them to falling and suffering from fractures.


He pointed out that a study he prepared with his colleagues showed that the compound “tomatidine”, which is found in green tomatoes, enhances the growth and strength of muscles, and its benefits are not limited to that, but rather it prevents muscle weakness and damage due to diseases, injuries, and aging.


Adams explained that the study was conducted on mice and showed that consuming this compound contributed to the growth of their muscles and increased their strength, so that they were able to exercise at a greater pace, without gaining any additional weight.

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