Warnings of the effect of applying makeup daily


Experts have warned of the frequent application of make-up on the face, daily, due to the health damage it causes to the skin, according to a report published by the “Conculto” medical website.

The report emphasized that cosmetics contain chemicals that cause harmful side effects for the skin, including:

Clogged pores

Body sweating increases with effort, during periods of being outside, and droplets of sweat come out through the narrow openings known as pores, but cosmetics prevent the exit of sweat, and it causes clogging of those pores in the skin.

This causes bacteria and dirt to become trapped inside, which leads to skin irritation.


Acne appears on the skin, clogging of the pores resulting from applying cosmetics daily, because this clogging causes bacteria to collect, which leads to the appearance of black and white heads.

Other types of pimples appear that look like bags, and appear in higher density in the forehead and cheeks, as a result of the spread of the sebaceous glands in these areas.

Redness of the eyelids

The eyelid area is responsible for the secretion of oils in the skin, so it is the most sensitive part of the skin.

And when you put cosmetics on it, it happens like other parts of the skin that clogs the pores, which leads to retention of oils, and thus the redness and irritation of the eyelids.

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