Walking is better than running to lose weight

We have heard a lot that exercise helps to lose weight and burn fat Especially running, but what is surprising and strange, as researchers have confirmed, is that…


Walking is better than running, and this has been explained


Because walking is better than walking, it is less stressful


Joints become easier, especially with comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.





The correct walking style is by following the step method


Fast, and when you step forward, your heel should touch the leg


The ground first, then the fulcrum is moved to the inner dome of the foot


Push the body forward with the heel.





Also, the arms should not be left hanging beside the body


Move them forward and backward, as this helps them move smoothly


faster .







It is also preferable to have a straight stature with chest raised forward


The abdomen is pulled inward, which gives additional exercise to the muscles


The middle, after continuing to walk for two weeks with a position


A walking program for three separate days a week with improvement


Walk a longer distance than the previous time, for example for 30-60 minutes.


If you plan to walk for more than an hour, it is preferable to take a bottle of water


To compensate for the lack of body fluids through sweat.







There are four ways of walking that can improve body fitness:







-1 Walking burns fat. Walking a mile burns 100 calories


Thermal, while running for one mile burns the same amount of energy


Calories, but with running they burn quickly.







-2 The body will not stop burning calories after walking


For a long time, but it burns fat faster than usual, and the reason is that


Walking accelerates the rate of catabolism (burning efficiency).


fat), and this process not only continues while walking, but it continues


For several hours later.





3-Walking works to coordinate the various body parts, as it has been revealed


An American study on 2000 women showed that most of them walked


Better agility and coordination, regardless of walking speed.





-4 Finally, walking helps strengthen and regulate blood circulation


The body and the regular breathing process to provide the body with oxygen, which


Prevents skin paralysis and atherosclerosis

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