Vichy Ideal White lightening serum


Ideal white serum-META WHITENING ESSENCE is used to lighten the skin and to treat 5 skin pigmentation problems.

 This new serum from Vichy has a magical effect on the skin, specifically designed for women with dark spots, pigmentation, and dull, multi-colored skin.

Ideal white Meta Whitening Essence gives you great light-colored skin, free from dark spots and pigmentation, in a uniform color, that beats brighter and vibrant.

It also increases 24-hour softness and hydration, enhancing its radiance, freshness and fullness.

This product consists of a rich formula containing PhE-Resorcinol, which has a 10 times stronger effect on skin tone. Reinforced with titanium dioxide. Paraben-free. It never causes pimples to appear.

Its super-rich moisturizing ability gives you a pleasant feeling and a unique experience, leaves a refreshing effect, and gives your skin a natural luster and a stunning pearl color.

This magical product does not cause a feeling of viscous when applied, it quickly penetrates into the skin and gives it a pink radiance, a uniform color, and a silky texture.

Designed to avoid allergies, ideal White Lightening Serum has been tested on sensitive skin under the supervision of dermatologists, because it contains Vichy Mineral thermal water that helps soothe the skin and give it a healthy appearance. 

You can apply this effective brightening product daily morning and evening while avoiding the area around the eyes. 

For use every morning be sure to apply it with a skincare cream that contains sun protection agent SPF15.

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