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How to use collagen face serum - Care Beauty

How to use collagen face serum


Recently the use of facial serum has spread significantly, there are even serums intended for the skin before make-up, but today we will talk in particular about the method of using collagen serum for the face.

Collagen for the face

The skin contains almost 80% collagen, a protein that is woven with the help of vitamin C to create an elastic and soft network, but over time, this network begins to weaken, usually due to genes, sun exposure, and collagen production becomes less with age, resulting in a gradual but noticeable loss of skin size and range.

Facial serum

Facial serums are lightweight moisturizers that have a higher concentration of active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C) than other moisturizers, facial serums are often known for their effectiveness to manage certain skin care issues such as wrinkles, and the serum is usually lighter than the moisturizer, making it ideal for laying layers of it. 

Can come to the server to form a variety of different arrangements, including gels, oils, creams and light, and can have no rules like money in some cases.

Benefits of facial serum

The face serum offers great benefits for the skin, summarized as follows:

Reduce signs of fatigue

Lack of sleep can make your skin look dull and tired, and using a face serum can promote cell regeneration and repair, so your skin will look radiant even if you don’t sleep well.

Shrink pore size

It is known that wide pores are difficult to treat, but due to the thin consistency of the lightweight facial serum the pores will remain Oil-free and clean, reducing their size and making the appearance of the skin more pure.

Smoothing the surface of the skin

The serum particles penetrate deeply into the pores, helping to smooth the surface of the skin to finally get a noticeably softer texture.

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The serum has a powerful formula that helps to have more youthful skin effectively by speeding up the regeneration process leading to cell activation.

Help skin retain moisture

One of the most striking benefits of Face Serum is its ability to help trap moisture in the skin. Formulations containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can improve the moisture content of the skin while strengthening the skin barrier for a hydrated and healthy skin.

Benefits of collagen serum for the face

As for the benefits of collagen serum, they include:

Gives skin hydration and nutrition.

Enhances the skin’s ability to produce proteins elastin and collagen.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Treats fine wrinkles in the skin.

Rejuvenates damaged skin cells.

Lowers the likelihood of sagging skin.

Treats scars, wound marks and other intractable skin problems.

Significantly increases the freshness and elasticity of the skin.

It helps to have a more youthful and vibrant skin.

Tightens the skin.

It makes the appearance of the skin more fresh.

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Method of using collagen serum for the face

To apply collagen serum in the right way, nutritionists advise following these steps:

Step one: clean your face

Always apply collagen serum on clean skin, after cleaning well and removing any makeup residue.

Step Two: apply Collagen Serum

Apply small dots of serum to the entire face before using your fingertips to spin it gently.

Step two: rub the serum gently

Massage with your fingertips will help to better distribute the serum.

Step four: moisturize your skin

Follow this with an effective moisturizer to increase hydration levels, and don’t forget to take care of your sensitive eye area.

This is simply the way to apply collagen serum for the skin, follow it every day regularly and get the skin you have always dreamed of.