Skin lightening needles


Skin lightening and getting supple skin free of pigmentation and blemishes, is the biggest worry and the workpiece concern to the women of world all, especially after scientific and technological developments that have entered this field and was most recently needles skin lightening that give amazing results during record time. In this article we will talk about the benefits and harms of skin lightening needles.

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The materials that make up the brightening needles

That this type of needles contain glutathione, glutathione is a substance composed of 3 amino acids, namely Cysteine, glutamate and glycine.

Mechanism of action of lightening needles

When the needle is taken intramuscularly or intravenously, glutathione changes the course of pigment formation in the pigment cells in the skin, from eumelanin, which is the true pigment of melanin, to fiumelanin, which is a lighter pigment than eumelanin.

The pros and cons

Pros: glutathione is naturally found in the body and the liver is the largest storehouse of it and its benefits are many, so these needles are considered safe, but glutathione should be taken under medical supervision and not randomly, according to the permissible doses and not exceeded, and it is preferable to take vitamin “C” with glutathione to give the best results, especially if vitamin “C” 

Cons: the skin can return to its original color after stopping the needles in a period of two to six months.

Lighten skin in natural ways away from pharmaceuticals

– Skin care and attention: choose the appropriate preparations for the type and nature of the skin, and take care of the selection of complex types of natural elements and components, to contribute to the freshness of the skin and give it more vitality.

– Use of skin lightening creams: in some cases, lightening creams can be used as a condition of consulting a doctor to select skin-friendly types, preferably creams containing natural ingredients.

– Avoid sun exposure: the sun is the sworn enemy of the skin, which is the cause of the presence of pigmentation and impurities, so be sure to use a sunscreen before exposure with a high protection factor, to protect the skin from the influence of ultraviolet rays.

– Balanced diet: eat fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants and vitamins, to keep your skin freshness and beauty.

– Drink water: water is the life and freshness of the skin, so be sure to eat enough water on a daily basis.

– Apply natural masks: masks made of natural materials lighten and refresh the skin, but their use requires patience and persistence on a daily basis, to get the best results.

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