Uses and benefits of pineapple

Uses and benefits of pineapple:




Pineapple yeast was used to treat burns and vermin bites, but this property has not been proven effective. It is used in the food industry as a delicious fruit, and as a substance used to tenderize tough meat.


– It fights the common cold and its symptoms because it contains vitamins, especially vitamin C


– It quenches thirst and heat in the summer, and because of the abundance of water in its composition, it prevents sunstroke


– It generates urine and prevents the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract as a whole


It is used by those who follow a diet because it does not contain a lot of sugar, and because it is a diuretic and expels excess fluids from the body.


– It prevents the accumulation of fats inside the blood vessels, especially the arteries, thus preventing atherosclerosis


– It facilitates the digestion of food and reduces stomach contractions


– Activates liver functions and combats jaundice


Through the enzymes contained in bromelain, it prevents tumors, tissue swelling and inflammation. There are many medicines that contain these enzymes under the trade names of many pharmaceutical companies.


– Fights sores and burns


– Because it contains fluoride, it prevents tooth decay and is preferable to be given to children during the growth stage to protect their teeth and gums.



Harmful effects of pineapple and its side effects:



Eating a lot of pineapple leads to:



– Digestive system disorders, such as intestinal diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting


– rash


– Blisters on the edges of the lips and mouth


– Contractions of the uterine muscles, causing miscarriage



Interaction of pineapple with medications:



It is preferable not to eat pineapple for blood pressure patients who use:


– Blood pressure medications


– Blood thinners

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