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Eat foods containing magnesium  

Eat foods containing magnesium


A new medical study revealed the importance of magnesium in supporting brain power, memory, and developing learning ability at all age stages.


The Daily Telegraph newspaper quoted Professor Guosong Liu from Tsinghua University in Beijing as saying that the results of the study confirm that increasing magnesium in daily food works to develop different aspects of learning and memory processes in the human brain, whether in youth or old age, adding that the changes that occurred in Brain cells connected to human memory showed an increase in the number of synapses and faster communication across the brain.


The study shows that half of the population of industrialized countries suffer from a deficiency in magnesium, which worsens with age, and this contributes to the manifestations of memory weakness associated with age and aging.


Magnesium is considered a stimulating factor for enzymes, especially those related to energy production in the body, and helps in the ability to absorb other minerals such as calcium and potassium. Its deficiency in the body affects the nervous system, as it sends confused signals to the muscles, leading to feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and muscle contraction.


It is also necessary to prevent calcification of soft tissues in the body, protects the lining of the arteries from sudden high blood pressure, and plays a major role in treating arterial diseases, osteoporosis, and some types of cancer.


As for how to obtain sufficient magnesium for the body, it is done by eating foods that contain high stores of it, such as apples, bananas, lemons, meat, pistachios, dairy products, vegetables, and all kinds of fish.

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