How to Prevent Your Face from Reddening When You Are Excited or Embarrassed?

It has been a moment when almost everyone’s face blushed! ? Although sometimes this situation is not a problem, sometimes it can be realized in places where we are not and leave us in a difficult situation. Job interviews, presentations or important invitations. In these places where you are excited or stressed, we have researched and written about what you need to do to prevent your face from flushing. Once you know this information, you will take a deep breath! Here’s everything you need to know about facial flushing…


Why is Our Face Red?


Face blushing is actually a reaction to emotional stress. Facing a threat, including embarrassing situations, can have a shock effect on our body. At such moments, our nervous system sends various signals and causes our heartbeat to accelerate, causing us to feel different emotions. The blood vessels in our face dilate and more blood begins to flow through them. As a result of all this, our cheeks look more red. What should you do to relax in such a situation??


1. Take deep and slow breaths


Taking slow and deep breaths can prevent your face from flushing as it will make you relax. Since the main cause of facial flushing is emotional stress, a stress-free life is one of the most effective ways to reduce facial flushing.


2. Smile

Research suggests that even if you are stressed or embarrassed, your body may think you are happy when you smile. As a result, a drop in your stress level and heart rate is also observed.


3. Cool


Face blushing tends to happen more often when you are hot. One of the most effective ways to prevent facial flushing is to cool off quickly.


4. Stay away from triggers such as sunlight or coffee


Some people have certain triggers that can cause facial flushing. For example, people with rosacea may be affected by sunlight or caffeine. Experts stress that it is also necessary to avoid spicy foods in order to prevent flushing.


5. Close your eyes for a minute or two


6. Temporarily avoid eye contact


If you feel embarrassed because your face is red, avoid making eye contact with people who stress you out.




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