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10 steps to make your mind react faster

10 steps to make your mind react faster:












1) Eat nutritious snacks, as eating too much makes you lethargic and sleepy.

2) While working on something or learning something, take a break. This rebuilds the mind and helps clear it.

3) Try to exercise regularly at least twice a week, as it is beneficial for the body and mind.

4) More than laughter, it is beneficial to the mind, stimulates it, helps release beneficial substances such as endorphins, and controls blood pressure and the respiratory system.

5) Reading helps increase the vitality of the mind and its constant presence.

6) Do not indulge in a routine activity and try to change your usual daily activities, as routine weakens the skills and vitality of the mind.

7) Practice a hobby you have always wanted to do, and make sure it is mentally stimulating

Get enough sleep at night, as this keeps the mind and mind active.

9) If you reduce the use of your mind, know that it will not work well. There is a substance called Cypin that the mind secretes when it works and helps the nerve cells multiply in it. These cells are responsible for the speed of absorbing information.

10) Play games that stimulate thinking, such as crossword puzzles or chess

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