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why do our veins look blue ?

why do our veins look blue ?



A very simple scientific question



A very simple scientific question, but at the same time it comes to our minds a lot. We know that the color of blood is red, so what makes the veins that we see close to the skin appear to be red?



Blue or slightly bluish? Aren’t the visible veins supposed to be red, the color of the blood they contain?



The veins that we see in our skin are not red at all.



But there is a logical reason for this. Red blood cells, which make up about 40 percent of our blood volume, contain oxygen-carrying molecules called hemoglobin.



When red blood cells pass through the lung, hemoglobin picks up oxygen and carries it, turning bright red in the process. The combination of hemoglobin is called…







With oxyhemoglobin, it is pumped from the heart at high pressure towards the network of blood arteries spread throughout the entire muscle tissue.



When red blood cells arrive in tissues loaded with oxyhemoglobin, they pass through very small blood vessels called capillaries, where they give up their load.




Of oxygen





On the cells that use this load in metabolic processes, the skin is rich in blood capillaries, so rosy skin is evidence of the body’s health and that it has



Sufficient amount of oxyhemoglobin. The sudden rush of oxyhemoglobin into the capillaries on the surface of the skin also causes redness of the cheeks if



Shyness, for example. Thus, oxyhemoglobin loses the oxygen in it, and during this process the hemoglobin turns into a color between blue and violet called D-




Oxyhemoglobin collects in larger and larger veins during the journey back to the heart. Thus, the blue veins we see are those that carry oxygen-free blood.



Its color actually tends to be violet

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