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Use this natural ingredient as an alternative to Botox

Botox may be the approved method to reduce the problem of wrinkles and signs of skin aging But it is important to know that despite the effectiveness of this cosmetic method,


However, it has side effects that may harm the skin and do more harm than good.


For these reasons, we prefer to choose natural solutions and ingredients as much as possible!


There is a great alternative to Botox, which is yeast!


Learn with us about this ingredient, its benefits, and how to use it to reduce the signs of skin aging.




Research and studies prove the effectiveness of yeast in skin care and health, as it helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles on it. There are two types of yeast: brewer’s yeast and instant yeast, and instant yeast is the one that is specifically recommended for skin care!



You can use yeast in the form of a mask or a natural mask to take care of the skin. All you have to do is combine a spoonful of yeast with a spoonful of honey and a lemon with a spoonful of yogurt. Mix the ingredients well until you obtain a cohesive liquid powder, and place the mixture on your face for half an hour. After that, before removing the mask, it is recommended to rub the mask on the face and then remove it with moderate temperature water. Use this mixture as much as you need, and you will notice immediate and effective results that will give you brighter and healthier skin.

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