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Benefits of milk for the skin before bed

Benefits of milk for the skin before bed

Many beauty experts provide advice to obtain clear skin like a child’s skin, by using nutrients and masks that will reduce the appearance of signs of aging and get rid of pimples. These materials usually consist of chemical compounds that harm the skin in the long run, not to mention that some of them are expensive, so Replace these products with natural mixtures from your home to protect your skin and get a fresh face.


It is certain that all of you have heard about the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty, and the reason is due to the milk and honey baths that she used at that time. The Pharaohs were known for their interest in science and discovering the earth’s treasures of minerals and other things, so we see many recipes that were transmitted to us from their era, including some skin masks. The most important of which is milk, which has many benefits for the skin, and we mention some of them here:


Benefits of milk for the skin

• Contains vitamins A and D.

• It contains an acidic substance that helps exfoliate dry skin.

• It dries and reduces the oily substance on the skin, reducing its secretions that cause pimples and pimples.

• Soothing the nerve cells in the skin.

• It helps eliminate spots on the face, exfoliates and evens skin tone.

• Whitening for the face and face, especially dark circles.

• It tightens the skin and increases collagen production.

Milk is also one of the main ingredients in skin cleansing and makeup removal mixtures, so make sure, ladies, to clean your face with a piece of cotton soaked in milk and wipe your face with it, especially before bed, to get radiant and beautiful skin. It is always recommended to obtain the best results by applying it to the skin at night, as the substances are absorbed faster.


Milk mixtures

• Mix two tablespoons of dry wheat, two tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Mix them well and apply the mixture to your skin and massage it for about a quarter to a third of an hour, then wash your face with lukewarm water. This mixture helps clean the pores of the face and get rid of impurities.

• Take warm milk baths with honey and aromatic oils added, as they soften the skin and calm the nerves in addition to the other benefits mentioned previously.

• You can use other dairy products, such as yogurt, by placing them on the face as a mask for half an hour, two to three times a week, to unify the color and provide extreme softness.

• Milk contains lactic acid, which is considered a sterilizer and rids the skin of infections, stains, and germs. By mixing it with white flour, we get a paste that we put on the face until the morning and wash it with cold water to get the most beautiful look.

• Mix milk with two teaspoons of salt and gently massage the face with it. It is considered an exfoliant that gets rid of dead skin cells.

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