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Turmeric mixture for the body before bathing - Care Beauty

Turmeric mixture for the body before bathing


If you want to have a light, smooth and healthy body after showering, you need to make some effort before showering, and you can apply turmeric mixture to the body before showering to get crystal-clear skin that is not the most wonderful.

The components of the turmeric mixture for the body before bathing

10 tablespoons of turmeric powder: This natural ingredient contributes to whitening dark areas of the skin by means of curcumin in it, and it can be lightened under the armpits, or blackness under the eyes, or around the mouth and others. It also gives the skin a uniform color and eliminates pigmentation and dark spots caused by aging or the sun. In addition to getting rid of the effects of body pills through the exfoliating properties of turmeric.

Half a cup of rose water: Rose water gives you fresh and wonderful skin and enhances its radiance after the bath.

6 tablespoons of fine sugar: This ingredient will enhance the exfoliation of your skin and soften it, and at the same time it will reduce cellulite on the thighs and abdomen area.

5 tablespoons of olive oil, which contributes to deeply moisturizing and softening the skin.

How to prepare the turmeric mixture for the body before bathing

First, mix turmeric with rose water and olive oil, then add sugar without over-stirring (you can increase the amount as needed), and then spread the mixture on the body, starting with the feet and then up.

Leave the mixture for 20 minutes on your body, then rinse the body with water, and then take a bath with warm water and appropriate soap.

These are the most important steps for applying turmeric mixture before showering. Is it worth a try, in your opinion!